True or False – 5 Things You Need To Know When Considering Braces in Miami Lakes, Boca Raton, and Coconut Creek FL

A beautiful smile radiates confidence, but not everyone is blessed with perfectly straight teeth.  Smiles are affected by crooked or crowded teeth, spacing, and for some it may be a problem with abnormal jaw growth. No matter what the problem, these irregularities, if left untreated, can cause abnormal wear and tear on tooth surfaces, cause gum disease, affect chewing and digestion problems, cause speech impediments, and more.

Thanks to technological advancements and the expertise of orthodontist Dr. Ronald Taylor in Miami Lakes Boca Raton, and Coconut Creek FL, braces can be worn to help realign teeth and improve your smile. Dr Taylor would like to dispel a few misconceptions about orthodontic treatment before visiting an orthodontist.

1. Wearing braces will make you self conscious and uncomfortable

False – Today, braces are less noticeable than ever before. They are available in fun colors and shapes for kids, clear ceramic brackets for teens and adults, and for the self conscious… totally invisible aligners such as Invisalign® or iBraces by Incognito® worn on the inside of teeth.  Because of the aesthetic innovations in braces, many teens and adults include braces in their fashion statement.

2. Orthodontic treatment is too expensive

False – Many patients or parents considering treatment for their child are reluctant to consider braces because of they are worried about the expense. Orthodontic treatment is a financial commitment, but it is affordable when budgeted during treatment. A variety of non interest payment plans are available through your orthodontic treatment provider, along with third-party financing and insurance coverage, if available, through your employer.  Orthodontic treatment is very affordable today.  The initial consultation is usually complimentary and allows you the opportunity to find out exactly what payment options are available before you commit to treatment.

3. My family dentist can straighten my teeth as well as an orthodontist

False – Dentists spend the majority of their day removing tooth decay and restoring teeth with implants, crowns, and bridges. Their experience is tooth movement is limited. An orthodontist has 2 or more years post graduate studies beyond their general dental training, specializing in straightening teeth and correctly abnormal jaw growth. Orthodontic specialists limit their practice to straightening teeth and correcting jaw abnormalities and treat hundreds of patients a year. Who would you want treating you or your child?

4. Braces are worn for the rest of your life

False – The average duration wearing braces is 12 – 36 months, depending upon the problem. After the braces are removed, however, a retainer is worn to maintain the correction while the teeth are stabilizing in the bone.  Different types of retainers are available and prescribed by your orthodontist depending upon your original problem. They are usually worn full time for approximately six months and then periodically based on the recommendation of your orthodontist.  It is a known fact that teeth move throughout life as part of the aging process.  If you want to keep your teeth straight long term, all you have to do is wear your retainers periodically at night while you sleep to maintain the correction indefinitely.

5.  You need to watch what you eat when wearing braces

True – Wearing braces means saying goodbye to some of your favorite treats. Hard and sticky foods, popcorn, beef jerky, raw carrots, corn on the cob, chewing gum, etc should be avoided when wearing braces. Hard and sticky foods will break, bend or loosen wires and brackets, delaying treatment and effecting treatment results. During orthodontic treatment, it is suggested you follow the restricted diet along with proper brushing & flossing of teeth for best results.

The pros of orthodontic treatment definitely outweigh the cons when you consider the end result… at Taylor Orthodontics in Miami Lakes, Boca Raton, and Coconut Creek, FL we create beautiful smiles and increased self confidence that lasts a lifetime!  Contact our office today at (305)822-6784 and schedule a free new patient exam.  Find out how we can help you create the smile you deserve.

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